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Locating and Interviewing


Acquiring Information

As licensed and insured private investigators, we engage frequently locating and interviewing witnesses. Our firm utilizes Windows and Linux operating systems for security, engaging different OSINT (open-source intelligence) resources. The resources we utilize range from private sources, public information facilities, and government open record institutions which may contain confidential source information which can be pertinent to our client’s case. Locating a particular subject or witness can be more difficult if the information that is ascertained from the client is not correct.

Database search reports are performed strictly by the information provided to our firm on the subject(s) or entity by the client in which any error in spelling, format or sequence of letters, words or numbers can result in erroneous information on the subject or another person by same name. After locating the subject or witness we can then interview them for you, which can help you with any criminal or civil litigation matter. Finding out the facts and reporting them back to our client honestly is always the primary goal of every investigation we conduct.

Companies and Litigation

In litigation, one witness can be the difference between winning and losing. Unfortunately, that witness might not be easy to locate. However, if we have a correct name, we have enough to start your search. Within a company or organization, some subject’s or witnesses do not want to believe that serious misconduct or harassment could happen in their company, and so tend to make light of possible wrongdoing. Others jump to the opposite conclusion, presuming an employee would not complain without worthy cause.

Interviews/Collecting Evidence and Avoiding Assumptions

In most investigations, Interviews of witnesses and or subjects are one of the main tool’s investigators use to find out information for a case. Often, investigators must rely almost entirely on statements from the client’s main subjects and witnesses, who may disagree with each other. If the main contributors emphatically deny each other’s claims, this will come to light during an interview. The investigators must sort out who is telling the truth. However, an experienced investigator will allow the witness or subject the opportunity to continue their unverified claims.

As an investigator, our job is to never make assumptions. No matter how serious the problem or how uncomplicated the situation appears to be, our job is to remain unbiased and collect the facts. If we start your investigation with preconceived notions, we may miss some vital details.

Open Mind

We keep an open mind while conducting our investigation, which will produce more thorough facts for your case. Our purpose when conducting an interview is to ascertain as much information as possible. The best way to accomplish this is to ask open-ended questions. If we ask questions that suggest the answer we want to hear or ask during a phone call only for a yes or no answer, we would be doing a disservice to your case. Instead, our job is to ask the witness what he or she heard, said, did, and why, then listen thoroughly.

Whether in-house, or networking with other Private Investigators in State or across the nation, at Fullcircle Investigations Inc., we do exactly that. Giving every client peace of mind with discrete personal privacy in their serious, and personal matters.

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